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Roseland Tea


About Us

Roseland Tea LTD was established in 1975. With the aim to drive quality and premium offering. From 2012,  the company has moved to a full organic tea offering.

We began selling our imported teas under the Choice Organic Teas brand, making us the first exclusively organic tea company in the UK, we purchased our first tea packing machine and expanded our offerings. The first teas we ever imported are still available today: Organic black tea, Organic Green Tea, Organic Rooibos tea, Organic white tea, Organic Oolong tea, Organic Pu Erh Tea and Organic herbal teas and infusions.

We work closely with tea farmers from all over the world . Our experienced technical control team monitors the delivery chain from the land to your tea cup.

To drive high quality standards, all Roseland Teas are certified Organic by the EU Organic Authority and USDA ORGANIC.

Our Quality Standards

Roseland tea Organic Tea Certification

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